Have You Seen This Person? : Part 3
"Peace Lily" (for Shannon)

"Come have a sit down, now."

Have You Seen This Person? : Part Two


"B + P" (for Krista)


"Grabbing, Dreaming"


"I have a great idea!"


"Intelligentsia In Your Future"


"Not Serp, Syrup!"


"Sarah Sings Softly Sometimes"

Have You Seen This Person? : Part One

These drawings (the habit of drawing this series) started as a part of my morning routine and began to sneak their way more and more into my daily life. I recommend it as a nice, meditative way to wake up in the mornings.

Try to: Find a spot. Sit still. Pay attention. Draw/write about it.

These were drawn on 8.5" x 11" paper with ink and calligraphy pen, 
unless otherwise noted ( example: Imposter).

For commission inquiries, email me: paperjenkins@gmail.com

Thank you.

"Bill's Malibu"

"Book of Fire"

"Bull Horns"

"City Light"

"Clothing Line" 

"Cool Time"

"Joe, To-Go"


"Figs in the Fedoras"

"Fit For A (Small) King"

(Untitled) or "It made me feel weird."

"Money Bags"

"Le Sel"

"Tough Guy"



"Very Soft Branches"